Each cat in our rescue group is special. Each one has its own unique personality and needs and unfortunately not every cat is right for every home. Our adoption process is designed to make sure you and your new pet will have a successful future together.

Rescued cats are very different than animals you would receive from a breeder. In almost every case, the cat will have been subjected to tremendous stress from being in the pound or being moved from their original home to new places - all in a very short period of time. When adopting a rescued animal you must be prepared to help the animal make this transition.

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Our adoption process:

Step 1: Fill out and submit the online adoption application.

Step 2: The application will be reviewed by an STS adoption specialist.

Step 3: An STS adoption specialist will contact you to discuss your application and discuss several levels of detail. In addition, veterinarian references will be called in addition to personal references.

Step 4: If the animal is in foster care, the applicant will have the opportunity to visit the animal in its foster home.

Step 5: An STS volunteer will bring the animal to your home for a home visit. At this point, if all goes well the animal may be adopted at that time. 

Please Note: The entire adoption process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Please be patient with us as our team is all volunteer.

*** If you don't hear from STS within 48 hours, please contact us via email at rescueteam@stopthesuffering.org to ensure your application came through. Thanks!!! ***

Stop The Suffering's Adoption Process