We’re so incredibly thankful for your support to continue our Special Needs (breed, age, medical) and Dogs Deserve Better programs.  With your help, we raised $1,125!  Hundreds of lucky animals will now get a second chance at healthy life

Special Needs (Breed, Age, Medical) 

These are dogs like Tommy and Gigi, who end up in rural shelters every day.  Rural Ohio shelters do not have funds for veterinary care, and were it not for rescues like ours, they would die in pain with no hope for a future.  We help dogs and cats who have acute and severe illnesses and trauma, or contagious disease.  We also help the companion animals that no one else wants: The hounds, the bully breeds, the black dogs and the seniors.  These pets are the focus of our work.

Dogs Deserve Better

We provide vaccines, flea and tick preventive and dewormer to several shelters who have absolutely no other resources.  Dogs and cats that enter shelters, which  cannot provide even the simplest of vaccines, face a potential death sentence due to disease.  Last year, we helped over 900 rural shelter pets (in two shelters) with vaccines, flea and tick preventive and dewormer.  Over the past three years, we have seen a significant decrease in the deadly Parvo disease through the use of a $3.50 vaccine per pet.  The simple use of dewormer and flea prevention maintains better health and reduction of disease.

Thank you, Giving Tuesday Heroes!

#GivingSTSTuesday: Love. Rescue. Give.