Shelter & Recue Connection

Stop the Suffering employs a network of volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of animals every day. Many of our volunteers keep a close eye on many different animal shelters both local and afar.  When an animal is placed on the "euthanasia short list" we contact the shelter to let them know we will be coming to "pull" the animal(s).  We then arrange transport to the Columbus area.

Foster Program

Once we have the animal in our program, he or she is placed in a temporary “foster home” where the foster parents nurture and care for the animal.  This includes veterinary care and visits, all shots and vaccinations and a spay or neuter for the animal. The foster family works on socialization and their self esteem, which is often fairly bruised and in need of restoration.  They also test each animal with other dogs and cats to assess their comfort level.  By watching and caring for each animal, the foster becomes a great source of information about their health, play styles, energy levels, and more.

STS provides each foster family with the necessary tools to help them care for each pet.  We share food, a crate and a leash in addition to paying for all medical care and shots.  If you are interested in becoming a foster family, please fill out the Foster Application or contact us by email at

Adoption Events

Several times throughout the month, STS participates in local adoption events.  We arrange for as many available dogs to be at these events so they can meet potential forever families.  We assist you with meeting the dogs and assess what you are looking for in a pet to help me make the right match.

Adoption Process 

If you see a dog or cat at an event or on our adoptables listing and think they will be a good fit for your family, we ask that you complete an adoption application that details how you will care for your new pet.  We will then put you in touch with the foster parent who can provide indepth details on the animal you are interested in.  We are very thorough in the application process to prevent problems down the road. It is quite stressful on an animal to be moved around and we try to reduce complications by being thorough in the beginning.

When an application has been approved, an STS volunteer will arrange for a home visit. This enables us to see where and how your new pet will live. It also allows us to see the interaction between any other animals in the home or children. If the match is a good one, the animal is adopted and the adoption fee is paid. If you should have any additional questions about our process or wish to help in any way, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

Learn more about our dog adoption process and cat adoption process.

Our Silver Paws Program, an extension of the Stop the Suffering family, focuses on senior dogs, ages 6 and up, who have found themselves homeless and in a shelter. 

We work with our shelter partners to assess each dog coming into the program for medical and nutritional needs.  The dog is then placed in to one of our foster homes while we look for a loving forever home that understands the ongoing needs of a sweet, yet experienced, dog.

Our Silver Paw dogs tend to, but not always, need a little more medical care upfront to get them to a healthy and comfortable state.  But once they are healthy, they are ready relax and enjoy their new forever family.

Check out our adoptables listing for our Silver Paw adoptables.

Silver Paws Program

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