Fi dog collars

Use our link to order your Fi dog collar! For ever 2 collars ordered using our link, STS gets a free collar and a free subscription to use on our fosters!

The Fi collar and base are connected through your account via the Fi mobile app. It works best with wifi and will use the bluetooth on your phone or cell towers if wifi is unavailable. You can add multiple people to your account such as a dog walker, family member etc. The people on your account outside of the owners get temporary access to your dog's location, you can decide when they have access!

Any time the collar goes outside of the designated circle, you will get a notification on your phone. If you leave on a walk with your dog, the app will notify that your dog left the designated area with the owner. You are able to set different boundaries depending on where you are, such as vacation, friends houses, daycare, etc! You can also monitor your pup's activity on the app!

Fi Collar.jpeg