Presents Fur Pups


We provide the necessities and sometimes we really wish we could give them everything! Now here’s your chance to help. You can “adopt” a pup for this holiday season.


Complete a form and we will assign you a dog in our care to shop for! A sweater, a bed, a Harness know something they could really use but we may be out of! If your assigned pup gets the ultimate gift of being adopted for real we will assign you a new pup! We have over 50 dogs in our care. Don’t worry you will def receive a pic of your pup using whatever goodies they get! We will be assigning dogs the week of Thanksgiving! We appreciate your support and commitment to our organization...and the dogs...well they love everything and everyone!

Want to give back more? Our partner shelters work tirelessly to network their dogs and provide the best care possible given their location, no funds and no vet staff. We want to offer you the opportunity to give some basic necessities needed at a shelter as well! You can sign up for an STS pup and the shelter!

We will be hosting a drop off pawty at Petpeople Worthington 12/14/2019. It will be be filled with some dog-gone fun! This was such an amazing, fun, rewarding and truly inspiring program in the past and we are so thankful for the support of our community each and every day!