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Lost Pets

First, you will want to post the pet as lost or found with a few organizations, create flyers, visit local shelters and rescues, alert neighbors and check with local pet rescues to see if they have a found pet.


We all need to do our part in reducing the homeless pet population.  Affordable veterinary care and spay/neuter programs can be found in our area. 



Pet Recovery

Contact Lost Pet Recovery and/or Lost Male Pitbull to help set traps and cameras


Contact Franklin County Animal Shelter and Columbus Humane Society by phone or in person to report your dog missing.
Physically visit the shelter multiple times to ensure your pup is not there.

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Social Media

Post a report on the PET FBI OHIO facebook page, and file a report on the PET FBI OHIO website.


Check out SOS of Ohio for low cost options.

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Feral Cats

SOS of Ohio and Alley cat Allies may be able to help!

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