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Pupdate: Baker

Baker (FKA Garrett) is doing amazing in his forever home. Although Baker was not quite a puppy, he sure acted like it! His family adopted Urban from us last year. Urban was heartworm positive but that didn't stop them from loving him and providing care for him during treatment <3. Urban also had an embedded collar wound. Comparatively speaking, Urban was a walk in the park. Baker had a lot to learn. Turns out, he had to learn that his good looks were not going to get him out of potty and crate training. Baker is sweet, loving, and a great sibling to Urban. The kids in the home adore Baker and he really is one of the cutest pups around. After many hard weeks, Baker has not had an accident in the house for 10 days and rings the bell to go out (to potty, or to play...but that's okay!)!

We are so thankful for adopters like the Wagners. They stick it out through the toughest parts and are able to enjoy the unconditional love that dogs give. It isn't always easy, but it's worth it!

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