Fostering is a rewarding experience that allows TWO lives to be saved. For every dog fostered, shelters have an available cage for another dog. By fostering a dog, you help them on their journey to their forever home. Some dogs may come to us a bit shyer and need special attention while other dogs will act like they’ve been with you forever! We have an amazing group of volunteers and leaders that will always be there to help you navigate the world of fostering. STS fosters dogs of all ages including moms, puppies and seniors.

*Although we transport kittens and cats, we do not have a foster program.*


STS is always looking for volunteers! We need help in all areas including administration, fostering, events, event planning, fundraising, Transport Thursday, general transporting, dog walking and anything you may think of!

Dog Walking:

We have a few dogs that are lucky enough to get placed into boarding until a rescue can place them in a foster home! We love to get these dogs out of boarding as much as possible throughout the day. Extra walks, cuddles, treats and love is just what they need! This is typically a 1-hour commitment!

Adoption Events:

Each month we attend different events throughout the Columbus area and can always use representatives to bring awareness to STS, and of course our adoptable dogs! Transporting and handling foster dogs at events for other volunteers that may not be able to attend is a great way to get involved! This is typically a 2 to 3-hour commitment!


We always are looking for help administratively. This includes flyers, promotion, tracking, database, and even photography! The possibilities are endless of course!

Fundraising Events:

We host 3-4 larger fundraising events a year! We always need help planning and staffing these events to make them successful!

Interested in something not mentioned above? Send us an application! We welcome new ides and love getting to know our supporters!


STS is very unique compared to the other amazing rescue organization in Ohio. STS operates a major transport program each and every Thursday.  Throughout the week, we work with the rural high-kill shelters in southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and West Virginia and many animal rescues to help get dogs and cats out of the shelter and into rescue. We send out emails and coordinate with rescues that commit to the different animals in the shelters. The need for rescue is non-stop, and we work down to the wire to get as many animals on transport as we can each week.


We load our STS van and sometimes personal vehicles with supplies and drive to the rural high kill shelters in southern Ohio, northern Kentucky, and West Virginia.  After we load our van with animals at the Ohio border, we head back to Columbus. We then have a route to Toledo and Cleveland. The happens in ONE day! We transport between 50-100 lives a week.


We are able to save 3,000+ lives a year because of this major program. Without our transport program many rescues would not be able to save as many dogs and cats as they do now. Without transport more shelters would have to euthanize for space. This is the heart and soul of what we do.


If you would like to volunteer to help with our Thursday transport or smaller transporting needs throughout the week (like vet visits, and as needed pickups), please apply!

  • Thursday Transport: Every Thursday our transport heads to the Portsmouth area and returns back to Columbus before heading to Toledo and Cleveland. The southern route runs 8a-2:30pm.  The northern route runs 2:30p to 9p.  We also have shorter trips, only an hour or two, for those dogs needing to be picked up/dropped off at our transport stop in Reynoldsburg at 1:30pm

  • Local Transport: On any given day, you can help with getting dogs to and from appointments, events, fosters, etc!

STS is in a unique position due to our major transport efforts. We go to the rural shelters and actually have to see the condition of every dog there. We do the best we can to help these shelters network all their dogs and get them to rescue, but sometimes we just run out of space and time. But we do not give up.

Our Sponsorship Program simply buys time for many deserving dogs.  We like to think a dog that goes through the sponsorship is just taking the scenic route to their forever home.  During their time in our Sponsorship Program we continue to pay for all the dog's needs including boarding while networking them to rescues. The number of dogs we can sponsor is limited by the amount of funds we receive through donations and adoptions.  But we work hard to sponsor as many dogs as we can.

Many shelters cannot afford the preventives, so we pay for vaccinations for our partner shelters in southern Ohio. Having these preventives ensures the dogs and cats are healthier while at the shelter and when arriving to their destination rescues. The ability to offer a healthy rural dog to a rescue is invaluable to saving more lives.

We also provide donated dog and cat food to the shelters! When we make our trip south, our van is packed with food available for them! Food donations are always welcome and needed for our rural shelters! 

Your generous donations are what makes these sponsorships possible!  In 2017 we sponsored 271 lives and in 2018 we sponsored 241!  The decrease is due to the increase in our adoptions! Instead of sending dogs to other rescues, we were able to keep them in our program which is great! 



We have a special program dedicated to seniors! For us, seniors are near and dear to our hearts. Seniors struggle making it out of the shelters alive for many reasons including medical and age-related issues. We recognize that some families would like to spend more time with the dog and opt to adopt a younger pup, but we believe that there is never ENOUGH time with any dogs! Seniors may require a little extra TLC but sometimes you wouldn’t even know their age!  Our Gray Muzzles program is designed to help these sweet pups live the rest of their life happily.