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All About STS


Because we have a major transport program, we are able to see the inner workings of the rural shelters. We do the best we can to network these dogs to get to a rescue, but sometimes we run out of space and time. 

When a dog goes through our sponsorship program, we continue to pay for all the dog's needs while we network them to other rescues. The number of dogs we can sponsor is directly related to the amount of funds we receive through donations and adoptions.​ Shelters often cannot afford preventatives, so our program will help pay for these vaccinations and preventatives. This is extremely helpful because it gives shelters the ability to provide a healthy dog to a rescue. ​

We also provide donated food and supplies to our rural shelters each time we go down for our transport program. 



Grey Muzzle

We have a special program dedicated to seniors! For us, seniors are near and dear to our hearts. Seniors struggle making it out of the shelters alive for many reasons including medical and age-related issues. We recognize that some families would like to spend more time with the dog and opt to adopt a younger pup, but we believe that there is never ENOUGH time with any dogs! Seniors may require a little extra TLC but sometimes you wouldn’t even know their age!  Our Gray Muzzle program is designed to help these sweet pups live the rest of their life happily.


Who are we?

STS (Stop the Suffering) is volunteer run animal rescue based in Columbus, Ohio. We rescue dogs from all over Ohio, northern Kentucky and West Virginia. We house dogs through foster homes and strive to connect each one with their perfect forever family. STS is a 501(c) 3.

Our Mission

To rescue dogs and cats from high kill shelters, primarily in Ohio, transport them to safe environments where they can be matched and evaluated with a new family.   To raise funds in order to provide veterinary care, transportation and food for rescued animals.  To provide education and resources to promote responsible pet ownership.  

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